Here at Suddenly Slimmer we cater to all of the Armed forces, the Navy, Army, Marines etc. and want to help you with your PRT (Physical Readiness Test) & PFT (Physical Fitness Test) so you don’t have to do Mandatory Physical Training!

We’ve been wrapping with great results for over 5 years and know what you’re looking for and what area’s you want to concentrate on reducing. We guarantee a minimum of 6″ of loss for men, & 8″ for women. In both cases, it’s usually more. For men the average loss is 7-10″ , & for women 9-14″.

We have a special protocol for the Military that we recommend depending on the amount of time you have to achieve your goal.          

We have had many men & women call us thanking us for helping them stay or get in the Military, so call us today!  

Bring your friends, and earn a FREE wrap on your 2nd visit!

“3 Referrals = Free Basic Wrap!”