Face Lift Wrap

Face Lift Wrap

The Face Lift Wrap is like a non-sergical face lift that lifts eyebrows, cheeks, can reduce swollen eyes & double chin! It is a process developed to improve facial appearance in a minimum amount of time.

The procedure is very simple, we exfoliate your skin with a all natural food grade peel, which will remove all the dead skin & make your face glow, it may even deminsh fine lines, we haven’t even started yet!  

Then we tape your face lifting your brows, cheek bones, jaw line etc., with a surgical tape. Then we wrap your face, (padding your eyes so as to make puffy or dark circled eyes go away) with our mineral solution that will tighten & detoxify your skin. The bandage is changed, then the tape comes off. We then put another bandage on for about 5 mins., take that one off, spray your skin with tightening spray, & ta-da your face is a younger you! 

The Prices for Face Lift Wrap are:

MSM or Youth & Energy Solution……………$89.00
Combo Mineral Solution………………………..$99.00