Our Body Wraps

I’m sure you’ve tried weight loss programs, lots of exercise & umptine diets, can do nothing about that loose skin, stretch marks & cellulite dimples, DON’T FRET, WE CAN HELP!

he reason we get bigger & gain weight is TOXINS, and toxins are what you get rid of when you do our Body Wrap. The more toxins you get in the body, the older you look & the harder it is to get rid of what you don’t want! If you want to look younger & FEEL better, you’ve come to the right place.

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Suddenly Slimmer offers several different wraps for all of your needs! Including:

• Combo Mineral Wrap (The Best!)
• MSM Mineral Wrap

• Youth & Energy Wrap
• Power Mineral Wrap
 Fat Burner Wrap
Removing toxins is the main thing that happens which allows you to lose inches & deminish cellulite, you are also tightening & smoothing the skin & helping to reduce scars & stretch marks, for all you moms out there, I know this is an important issue.

This is what happens when you come in to get wrapped. After your consultation, you are measured & weighed (we only weigh to see if you are a water retainer or are deficient in minerals, the main purpose is to lose inches, not weight), then our qualified wrap technitian will wrap you from head to toe in Ace type bandages with our exclusive mineral solution, consentrating on ANY areas you want to target.

You then move around in the wrap for about an hour, nothing strenuous, just fun light aerobic exercise to a video or work out on our Gazelle, this keeps the circulation going so you lose more toxins & lose more inches!   

For best results come in as many days prior, to your wrap as you can, to start using our wonderful complete supplement Organic Life Vitamins, or Slim Down, the more minerals you get in the body, the more toxins you let off, & again the more inches you lose! 

We guarantee that you will lose at least 8″ for women, & 6″ for men on your 1st wrap, or your 2nd wrap is free.*

“3 Referrals = Free Basic Wrap!”

Packages expire within 6 months
Sorry we do not give refunds.

Upon scheduling and appointment: In consideration to our other clients, please do not bring children to your appointment. Thank you.