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Benefits of Body Wraps:

  • Lose inches!
  • Visibly reduce stretch marks and scars
  • Tighten, firm and smooth Cellulite
  • Get into your favorite pair of jeans or dress
  • Do you need to lose a dress size? We can help!
  • Detoxify
  • Look and feel younger
  • Smooth and soften skin

How the Body Wrap Works:
Our environment exposes us to pollutants and contaminants on a daily basis. We accumulate waste products and toxins from the air we breathe, chemically processed or enhanced foods and things we touch or put on our body. The reason we get bigger & gain weight are TOXINS. These waste products build up in areas of our body and as a result, we have poor circulation, Cellulite, weight and inch gain, pre-mature aging, wrinkles and a general lack of energy. That is the body’s natural response to fighting off these poisons that we take in. As the toxin build-up continues, it creates excess build up between your fatty cells, causing them to separate and a visible puffiness will occur in the areas of the thighs, buttocks, waist and hips.

Our Body Wrap solves this problem while you lose inches by balancing your internal cell pressure and cleansing the fluid in between your fatty cells. This process helps remove not only the contaminated matter, but releases unnecessary accumulation of intercellular fluid build up surrounding the affected area.

The end result is a visible tightening and toning of your current figure using all natural Mineral Body Wraps. The results are instantaneous!

Inch Loss is calculated based on a 15-point measurement system over the entire body & or using a fat analyzing device. Results vary based on each body type and clients should not expect dramatic inch-loss from any specific area in a single visit. Diet and exercise will also help prolong and promote inch-loss results.

The Body Wrap Process, so you lose as many inches as possible

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  1. You get a Free evaluation consultation. We go over how to keep the inches off and how to lose additional inches & weight, also an explanation of how everything works.
  2. You are measured & weighed (we only weigh to see if you are a water retainer or are deficient in minerals), the main purpose is to lose inches, not weight.
  3. Our qualified Wrap Technician will wrap you from head to toe in Ace type bandages with our exclusive Mineral solution, concentrating on ANY areas you want to target.
  4. You then move around in the wrap for about an hour, nothing strenuous, just fun light aerobic exercise to a video or work out on our Gazelle (like cross-country skiing machine), this keeps the circulation going allowing the lymphatic system to flush out the body’s waste products so you lose more toxins & lose more inches!
  5. After about 1 hour, you are unwrapped and re-measured.

Body Wrap Facts

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  • Our Body Wrap is safe, healthy, keeps you youthful & full of energy… or may even have a relaxing effect!
  • Our Slimming Body Wrap solution is the ideal PH for every body’s skin.
  • Our Body Wrap firms & reshapes tissue and tightens & softens skin especially after or while losing weight. It also helps with stetch marks & scars!
  • Our Body Wrap lets you decide where you want to lose inches whether it be waist, thighs, hips, arms etc.!
  • Our Body Wrap is not a water loss or dehydration type wrap! It is based on getting rid of Toxins.
  • We will wrap you if you’re very young or very old, pregnant or breast feeding. Our oldest client was 78 years old & she loved it!


Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

Thank you for The Body Wrap! In just one month I am 36″ smaller, my body looks and feels great! My skin is much smoother and I have much more energy.

Keep up the good work!
G. H.

I would like to thank you and The Body Wrap for taking over 30″ off of my body in just three wraps. I see a definite improvement.

Thanks again,
V. K.

Thanks to The Body Wrap, I have lost over 18″ in just four wraps. The loss was mainly from the upper chest and abdomen areas.

Thanks again and see you soon.

E. B.

Pat and I just wanted to thank you for the experience of the body wrap. I was amazed to have lost almost 21 inches in just three wraps. The most significant loss was in my face and I have not gained it back. I was really happy about the loss in my waist and my legs and the “lift” on my buttocks…

B. B.

When I first came to The Body Wrap about 3 years ago, I had lost some weight – from 200 lbs. down to 179. Also, over this period my weight was down to 130 lbs. and never during the weight loss did my skin appear baggy or loose. I was very pleased with the smooth, toned appearance of my skin.

I am very pleased with the results I have experienced and look forward to my wraps.

M. L.

Today I tried on a pair of shorts that hadn’t fit me since 10th grade (that was 6 years ago) and they’re perfect now. The body wraps have transformed me from a size 7/8 or 9/10 to a size 5/6 or 3/4. I am 5′ 2″ tall and weigh 119 lbs. when I began getting wrapped. I have not been dieting, but today weigh 114 lbs; I know that 5 lbs. is not a whole clothing size worth of loss. I can’t even express how exciting it is to shop for clothes and look in the mirrors at a figure that I still have trouble believing belongs to me.

Not only do I look great, but I feel great. I have found that getting wrapped just before my period takes away the bloated feeling I always had for sometimes a week before. In other words, I feel like a human being every day of the month. I, for one, will get wrapped for the rest of my life. Thank you, Joy, your body wraps are nothing short of a miracle.

M. B.

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I just found the simplest, greatest way to improve the health and beauty of my body. It makes so much sense and it’s so easy. I never thought I could reshape my body back to its normal beauty before I started into middle age without a lot of time consuming exercise on expensive machines. I didn’t have the time or the money for these.

In just a few wraps I’ve gotten several benefits. I lost 10 inches the first time.

The black shadows under my eyes have noticeably improved. The new shoes I couldn’t wear due to pain I can now wear and my feet are so happy to be able to wear them. My body is more comfortable. I’ve lost minimally more than 1-2 inches in tummy, thighs and arms, not to mention the other places. My outside thigh line is markedly straight compared to the way it was. My face looks younger. The cellulite is decreasing. My posture is better.

I am accomplishing several goals with my body that were just hopeful dreams before.

S. W.

I am writing to express my delight over what happened to me after I got wrapped! First of all, I lost twelve inches after two wraps, which I, of course, enjoyed very much. I have dieted and exercised and tried just about everything to lose weight and inches, and nothing has worked as fast or dramatically as the body wrap.

I want to thank you for the noticeable inch loss. I will continue to get wrapped, and will spread the good . Thanks again.

C. O.

I just completed my ninth body wrap, and not only have I lost four inches in my waist alone from the nine wraps, but when the face sculpturing was done on my face and I had asked if something could be done about my very thin lips, the lady was able to increase my lip size considerably and I am able to wear lipstick, which I wouldn’t do for years because it drew attention to my small lip size.

Vicki, I don’t know which of the above I am happiest about. I just feel so good physically and mentally. I have to say “your body wrap is like a miracle.” I plan on having them for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

Keep up the good work,
H. G.

“I loved it & could totally feel my thighs getting Slimmer!” UR

“Lost 13.5 inches & am coming back!” CF

“I feel refreshed & Full of Energy!” CM

“This was definitely worth the time, & the wrap tech was very informative.” :) SB

“My skin feels great, & I feel great, my inch loss was awesome!” CS

SS-Are U happy with your results & inch loss? “Yes, Yes, YES! ” CN

So come in so YOU can get these results, lose those inches & feel GREAT TODAY!-SS

Body Wrap Menu

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  • Combo Mineral Wrap

    The Combo is a combination of the MSM & Youth & Energy Wrap put together, it is the Best we offer!
    * Add the Fat Burner Wrap to it for THE best results of inch loss & Cellulite removal!

  • Power Mineral Wrap

    ALL of our Mineral wraps put Double the amount of Minerals, than any other Mineral wrap there is!!
    *Doing the Fat Burner Wrap with it, will increase your results even more!

  • MSM Mineral Wrap

    The MSM Wrap, is just like our Power Mineral, BUT it has added MSM Powder in the solution. MSM is for extra tightening of the skin.
    This would be a good wrap for mothers who want to reduce stretch marks.

    *A lot of people take this internally for strengthening the bones & joints too! If you would like to order this product for this reason, please give us a call to order.

  • Youth And Energy Wrap

    This is our Anti Aging wrap, for those who would like to stay looking young & need more energy. It is just like our Power Mineral wrap, but the above Homeopathic solution added to the Powder.

    *Add the Fat Burner Wrap for even better results!

  • Fat Burner Wrap

    The Fat Burner Wrap has homeopathic solution & oxygen to help detoxify you more, so you can lose more inches & get rid of more cellulite! It is a booster to get better results with the Mineral wraps, most people do it the 1st time & every 5-10 wraps.