Endermatherapy Cellulite Treatment

Endermatherapy Cellulite Treatment is a relaxing vibratory massage that targets hips, thighs & butt to Increase circulation and breaks up fatty tissue. Using slimming cream and three different attachments for lymphatic drainage that works together to bring about a reduction in cellulite.

Endermatherapy Cellulite Treatment is a non-invasive technique and advanced method for cellulite reduction by increased circulation to the skin, muscle, connective tissue and skin cells.

Improved results are achieved with simultaneous oscillating pressure, percussion and/or press together with applied heat and/or essential oils. Endermatherapy uses a variety of custom shaped applicators designed
for different parts of the body. The specific applicators allow for greater deep tissue and structure work for increased circulatory, and direct physical health benefits. Endermatherapy does not stretch, pinch, or pull the skin.

This treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. Drink at least 2 glasses of pure water before & after treatment.

You will also receive a small jar of cellulite massage serum. 


Each persons' body type and metabolism is different and therefore all results will vary from person to person. We work hard to help you achieve your desired results however we cannot guarantee actual specific results. If you are not satisfied by our superior service, we will work as much as reasonably possible to help you achieve your desired goals. This is our personal guarantee to you!

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