I have been using Suddenly Slimmer for several years. First with the traditional wraps which has taken off inches that stay off if I don’t put on weight. It makes my skin softer, and a quick fix for losing inches when a special even is around the corner. The salon is clean, and the workers are knowledgeable. I have tried the other treatments too. I really like the cellulite reduction system. Over all great place for beauty treatments!”

Darlene M. Encinitas CA

“Wow.. Very rejuvenated, energized. I could feel the fat melt away! My skin feels tighter. I am very happy with the results of the body fat loss.
I love the combination of the wrap and ThermaSlim System together,
I felt the results immediately. I am very pleased with the inch loss as it has increased from before!!! I would recommend anyone to try it! The experience is amazing.. You will get instant results in weight and inch loss, you feel younger and healthier.”

Grace B. La Mesa, CA

” I saw Suddenly Slimmer on the internet and checked out their webpage. When I called, someone answered my phone call immediately and told so much information about the products I was calling about. I ended up getting the Slim Down and had great results with it. Not only was experience friendly and informative, I also received a follow up phone call to see how things were going.

I loved all the information and helpfulness that I received that I am definitely interested in getting other products as well. I would highly recommend using Suddenly Slimmer for their body wraps and other products as well. Great company!”

Emily T. Pasadena, CA

“Loved the treatment. Let me tell you I called about 7-8 different places before I found this one. A lot of the places had young girls answer the phones who were just trying to up sale you on the phone, lacked professionalism and knowledge. I was really happy when I called Suddenly Slimmer. She explained everything and was really flexible about the schedule. I had done measurements on myself and calculated my BMI before hand. Her measurements were spot on. She was really welcoming and was super accommodating. I forgot my headphones and she found me a pair. So sweet of her.

After the process she explained everything really well, I felt really comfortable because she knew what she was talking about regarding weight loss and the procedure and how the body works. Not just trying to push some fad diet nonsense. I really appreciated it as I have been making a lot of changes for a healthier life style. I felt like a new person after, completely rejuvenated and refreshed. I felt lighter and energized. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and hope to bring my mom soon!”

Crystal M. Laguna Nigel, CA

“Having read so much about the ThermaSlim System treatment I decided to give it a shot. I gave them a call and it was a no pressure situation, I scheduled my appointment with ease as they were able to accommodate the fact I’d be driving a fair distance. As she provided me with the instructions for the days leading up, I had a feeling she was educated in this field, and it was only further confirmed during my appointment and treatment.

The treatment was totally worth it. Afterward I felt revitalized and had a burst of energy. I drove with a friend and since they didn’t really want to do the treatment, he was totally tired (this is around 6pm, YOU know that feeling! Some of us get it at 2pm) anyways, point being I am normally tired and fatigued in the same routine. Well, I was bouncing around in the car on the way home cause it felt great.

Oh, and the results were real, and as I continued to take care of my body, I noticed the results do not immediately disappear when you leave the appointment. We discussed supplements available, and she wasn’t pushy with them, moreso explained how each can compliment my lifestyle change (being healthier yay!), she told me some things I already had learned from other sources so that was comforting to know she and I were on the same page and could help me get there.

If you’re looking into it for the first time like I was, it was a great experience!”

Aaron Y. Lake Forest, CA

“I thought the service was wonderful. I had a good experience. My inch loss was good enough to get me into my skinny jeans the next day! :)”

Sandra P. Vista, CA