"Sharon is great. Enjoyed my very first visit. Saw results. Very comfortable setting."
"Second visit, lost more weight and inches. Great atmosphere and professionalism. Everyone there is a happy employee. Care is outstanding." - JK (Yelp)
I purchased a package for the wrap and Thermaslim. I went in last weekend and had the services. These are the nicest, most professional and passionate ladies. They really care about people and it shows. I loved both treatments. I lost 17 inches in the wrap and noticed continual slimming in my stomach area days afterward. The Thermaslim really felt great on tired muscles as I workout a lot walking on the beach and playing racquetball among other things. It felt really good being cared for by these ladies and I purchased more treatment for the future. I highly recommend this place for all treatments they offer.
— Donna O. (Yelp)
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"I seriously have my confidence about my body back and couldn't be more excited to share my results from Suddenly Slimmer! I want this to be my little secret, but I can't help but tell the world what a difference these treatments make! If you've gotten a little out of control with your diet, want to detox and trim down fast, this is the place for you!
I had never received a wrap before I went to Suddenly Slimmer, so I was a little skeptical on my first visit...but the results spoke for itself, which led me to buy the package. I'm only 5'4, and the slightest weight gain shows very quickly on me, so my results have been really dramatic. So far, I've had 3 thermal fat burning treatments following with the detoxing and oxygenating body wrap.
I will tell you that the thermal heat treatment is really toasty but Savannah and Sharon are both so nurturing and make sure to keep you as comfortable as possible by directing a fan on your face, placing refreshing cool clothes on your face and they also give you sips of chilled water to stay hydrated. I love the extra care they take and can't say enough about how sweet they both are! With this treatment, you will sweat so much that your body thinks it's ran 6 miles, so they make sure to follow up with nutrient rich drinks to remineralize your body and get it back into balance before your wrap.
So here are my results thus far...My starting weight was 126.2 pounds and it has now gone down to 117 pounds! My body fat has gone from 22.9% to 18.7%! Holy smokes!! I'm really happy with my figure now and not looking to get any thinner, so I will use the other treatments from my package as maintenance. I think anyone who gets these treatments will be as happy as I am, but I hope this review helps. If you have any reservations on whether or not they work...I promise, they do!" - Kerry C.
I saw Suddenly Slimmer on the internet and checked out their webpage. When I called, someone answered my phone call immediately and told so much information about the products I was calling about. I ended up getting the Slim Down and had great results with it. Not only was experience friendly and imformative, I also received a follow up phone call to see how things were going.

I loved all the information and helpfulness that I received that I am definately interested in getting other products as well. I would highly recommend using Suddenly Slimmer for their body wraps and other products as well. Great company!
— Emily T. (Yelp)
Ms. Sharon is wonderful! Her customer service is amazing. She listened to every concern and the results I wanted. She is a miracle worker and soooo nice and friendly. The whole experience was amazing. I will tell anyone and everyone to go to this place and see Ms. Sharon for amazing results!!!!" - Heidi R. (Yelp)
I LOVED my experience with Suddenly Slimmer. I have done many wraps (every 6 mo to a year at least) in different states and cities and no two have been the same. This was my first time with Suddenly Slimmer and I was so happy I was able to go. Sharon was able to fit me in last minute after another location cancelled my confirmed appointment for a lack of communication (I lost my cell phone and wasn’t able to respond to an email). I had driven 270 miles (appx 5 hours) for my appointment before it was cancelled. I was devastated, I started looking for another option and Sharon turned it all around. She really was my angel. Not only did she get me in and stay late on a Saturday to do so but she was respectful, caring, considerate, and a great technician. A big part of body wraps is customer service and relating to people. Not only did Sharon take time to understand my unique needs and trouble areas, she focused my treatment on these areas and I really saw inch loss. Even though she was already staying late on a weekend night she took her time and care to give me the best treatment and results she could. She did not make me feel rushed or like I was an inconvenience I felt like her best friend who she really cared about. And I believe she does. She gave me the distinct impression she cares for each of her clients, for their success, and for them as a person. She takes great pride in what she does and in her business. I cannot express how thankful and blessed I feel that I was able to see Sharon. It was fate that my other appointment was cancelled and a blessing in disguise. I only asked Sharon to measure my mid section and I lost anywhere from .5 inches to 2 inches around my waist/gut etc. Not to mention my butt looks tight and more lifted. Thank you Sharon!
— Crystal H. (Yelp)