Parafango Treatment

At Suddenly Slimmer, indulge in a cellulite reducing Parafango Treatment - a treatment derived from a therapeutic, natural clay. Parafango can be broken down into two main parts: Paraffin, a waxy substance, often used to make candles, and Fango, a therapeutic mud-like clay sourced from hot springs in Italy. The combination is brushed onto the treatment area by one of our professionals, and then wrapped or covered. Parafango acts as a warming agent to facilitate a gentle warming of the skin, increasing lymph flow and circulation. The qualities of the natural mud are able to draw toxins out as well as extraneous residue from the pores. The wrapping technique aids perspiration as well as a gentle compression, which helps in firming the soft, fatty tissue. 

What to expect

At Suddenly Slimmer, our professionals walk you through the entire process of our Parafango treatment. Cellulite firming creams are applied along with the Parafango, and then wrapped to promote warmth and compression. The Parafango may stay warm for about an hour. We recommend 3-4 sessions in a week for optimal results, however our guests usually feel firmer and tighter after their first treatment. We also recommend keeping well hydrated before and after to further the release of toxins and supplement the treatment.


  • Natural minerals soften the skin.
  • Combination of applied clay and wrapping helps fight cellulite.
  • Detoxifies the skin by drawing out toxins through the pores.
  • Aids the slimming process by tightening and firming soft, fatty tissue within the treatment area.
  • Promotes relaxation through the warmth and comfort of the treatment.


Each persons' body type and metabolism is different and therefore all results will vary from person to person. We work hard to help you achieve your desired results however we cannot guarantee actual specific results. If you are not satisfied by our superior service, we will work as much as reasonably possible to help you achieve your desired goals. This is our personal guarantee to you!


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