Employment Opportunity

Employment Opportunity

Interested in being a Body Wrap Technician? Must have flexible schedule – We’re hiring one technician which may lead into becoming Office Manager w/in 2-3 months. (when this happens it may be closer to full time) MUST be reliable, ethical, sales experience, looking for a person knowledgeable about Nutrition & Health-someone who is passionate about this industry & helping people w/their weight & health, no drugs, MUST be a people person, outgoing and enthusiastic w/some sales experience. Should be able to multi-task, be a self starter, and a quick learner. Managerial &  experience a plus. Must be willing to commit to a year. Will train the right person. Training takes 2-4 weeks.

Communication is VERY important here at Suddenly Slimmer, so you need to be easy to reach as clients schedules change quite a bit sometimes. This will require you have a cell phone of your own for quick calls regarding scheduling, etc.

After training is complete you will be earning approximately $18-$35 an hour with pay, tips and commission JUST being a wrap tech. To get to this you will start at $11.00 an hour, & as you become more proficient, this will raise to $12.00 (w/in 1 to 3 months), plus tips & commission. (5% packages – our largest is $2,289., and 10% on products. If you excel at sales, this percentage will raise to 6/11%, then 7/12% etc., you may also earn bonuses). When you can take on more clients, you will be raised again, and again when you are more competent, can wrap faster, and can do all other services. Any Office Manager duties will be in addition to the above. There is an additional commission based opportunity for the Office Manager to make an additional income of 25%-30% on a $3,500. -$12K sale, besides the job description stated here. The right Office Manager (who is already proficient in all aspects of the Salon) may end up making between $50,000-$75,000. per year! After 1 year at Suddenly Slimmer, you are subject to profit sharing.

As soon as you’re trained in being a body wrap tech, (or even before) and doing well, if you want to take on more responsibility and make more money, we will give you more hats (jobs/responsibilities) to wear. Which will include answering phones & scheduling people.

We prefer someone who lives within 20 minutes of Suddenly Slimmer. You must have a reliable car to get to work, if it breaks down, you must take a cab or get someone to get you here. When clients are scheduled, there is nobody else to do it except you.

Here at Suddenly Slimmer we try to get our clients to be as healthy as possible, so we try to get them off ANY types of medication (the body CAN heal itself) that includes psychotropic drugs/anti-depressants.

The schedule would be 3-6 days a week, alternating Saturdays and 1-2 Sundays a month. Shifts are anywhere from approximately 3-6 hours, it depends on the clients schedule. Morning shifts start from approximately 8:30am or later. The evening shifts from 1:30-4pm and sometimes go till 8/9pm. It would be one or the other. There is no evening shift right now on Saturdays. Must be able to practice wrapping technique out of the salon at home on friends, etc. They can find out how it feels to be a mummy!

If you would like a friendly, fun, and healthy, but challenging atmosphere, in a nice location (a block away from the Beach!), where you can be in charge of your own income, learn some great skills, and where you can advance, then Suddenly Slimmer may be for you. If you would like to be part of the team, please CLICK HERE to e-mail us your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

506 Nautilus St. La Jolla, CA 92037