Chi Treatments

Chi Treatment

Chi Therapy balances the chi (body’s energy) with an easy, relaxing session that is equivalent to a five mile run without the stress on the joints. Chi therapy opens up the lungs and flushes the lymphatic system, cleansing the body and restoring good health.

Five minutes of Chi is equivalent to 5,000 steps. The machine has an ankle cradle on the top which oscillates (moves from side to side), creating a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing wave-like motion throughout your entire body, thereby oxygenating every cell and tissue via blood circulation, thus enhancing your metabolic rate, aiding detoxification via the lymphatic system, aligning your spine and activating the autonomic nervous system. 


  • Absorbs fat, toxins and excess water through the lymph system
  • Enhance oxygen levels inside the body (15 minutes on this machine is equivalent to one and half hours of walking in comparison to oxygenation)
  • It helps in blood circulation
  • Gives superb Lymph drainage
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Enhances energy levels


Each persons' body type and metabolism is different and therefore all results will vary from person to person. We work hard to help you achieve your desired results however we cannot guarantee actual specific results. If you are not satisfied by our superior service, we will work as much as reasonably possible to help you achieve your desired goals. This is our personal guarantee to you!

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